English: Yeaaaaah! Once again I had this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G collaboration with Nina Ward from Nina Ward Art and Illustration. I found this talented artist on DeviantArt and decided to take the plunge. Lucky for me she was excited about my proposition and the Art-Trade was born. The poem I wrote is called 'Tricky Love' and Nina made an amazing art piece with it. I am extremely happy about this collaboration and I hope you guys like it too. Thank you so much Nina, for all the inspiration and your good sense, it means a lot to me. You are a GREAT artist! 


Nederlands: Jaaaa! Ik ben weer een GE-WEL-DIG-E samenwerking aangegaan met Nina Ward van Nina Ward Art and Illustration. Ik heb deze getalenteerde artieste gevonden op DeviantArt en vond haar kunst zó mooi dat ik weer eens de stoute schoenen heb aangetrokken. Gelukkig was ze enthousiast over mijn voorstel en een Art-Trade was daar. Het gedicht dat ik geschreven heb heet 'Tricky Love' en Nina heeft daar een prachtig kunstwerk bij gemaakt. Ik ben ontzettend gelukkig weer over deze samenwerking en ik hoop dat het jullie ook aanspreekt. Dankjewel Nina voor je inspiratie en je goede zin, het betekent veel voor me. Je bent een GEWELDIG artiest! 

 Tricky love 

She was a clown, a trickster,
looking for someone to betray.
He was a mime, a magician, 
looking for someone to stay.

He tried to seduce her,
with every act he possessed.
But she kept stealing his heart, betrayed him,
so he put it in a chest.

She enchanted him and sold his heart,
trade it for some gold.
She was relieved she lost it soon,
since it was too big to hold.

The magician felt so empty,
hollow and dark inside.
He kept watching the trickster,
and kept hoping that she’d died.

Since his heart was completely gone,
and left nothing but a hole.
His only emotions were hate and vengeance,
and his eyes were black as coal.

One day she started to miss him,
first he was like, always there.
Loved her soul beyond the tricks,
the only one who really cared.

Until their paths crossed again,
she was searching for him.
Craving for his love,
she always wanted deep within.

She let go of her clown-like tricks,
when she saw him, she was glad.
She became a better person,
only good without the bad.

But the heartless magician never forgot,
how the trickster sold his love.
So he took out his magic wand,
And turned her into a dove.

He tricked her to live with him,
be his prisoner, with less she survives.
She did stole his heart once and ran,
she should be glad she is alive.

- Djanel Arends



English: *Happy dance mode on* Yeaaah! It happend again! My dear friend Sarah from MoonArtDreams and I had a new collaboration! This time I wrote a poem to her work again. The art spoke to me on such a high level, I just needed to write something to it. Dear Sarah, it is a magnificent piece once again and I am so grateful and honored you let me write something along with it. I am so proud to call you my friend. Love you girl. 


Nederlands: *Doet een blij dansje* Jaaa! Het is weer zover! Mijn lieve vriendin Sarah van MoonArtDreams en ik zijn weer een samenwerking aangegaan. Dit keer heb ik weer een gedicht geschreven bij haar werk. De kunst sprak mij zó aan dat ik wel iets moest schrijven! Lieve Sarah, het is weer een geweldig stuk en ik voel me vereerd dat ik er weer iets bij mocht schrijven. 


Hidden treasures 

A heart glowing as the milkyway,
amethyst eyes, full of dreams.
Her skin bright as colorful rainbows,
not as blank as she may seem.

Sparkling hair, full of secrets,
may appear plain white to you.
A burning soul, full of passion,
might be seen by only few.

Bright yellow on my shoulder,
from all the dandelions I once blew.
Purple crystals on my spine,
for all the galaxies I flew.

Blue for the oceans I swam,
green for all the meadows.
Orange from when I kissed the sun,
and pink from this pretty tea rose.

The red presents my love for life,
and everything that lives.
Every secret life takes away,
and every wish it gives.

The most colorful jewels,
shining through a world of black.
We all have hidden treasures, 
like the crystals on my back.

People only see the empty casing,
fail to see my deepest art.
But you'll only see this features,
when you look inside my heart.

It will show you all my gemstones,
burried deep inside of me.
Treasures who will only show to those,
who not look, but truly see.

Open your eyes for little sparkles,
for the magic in the air.
See beyond people's appearance,
there are treasures everywhere.

- Djanel Arends






English: Big news! Sarah from MoonArtDreams and I are participating in a competition on Deviantart! It concerns a contest for artists and writers, who have to work together on a theme. The theme of this competition is: 'Journey.' We chose 'Journey Of Reflection' as main title for our work, with as main topic: 'If every word you ever spoke, would appear on your body, would you still feel beautiful?' We created something beautiful together, something that hopefully makes people think about themselves. Something that moves people. Whether we win or not, I'm very happy with it. ♥ (Contest will last till june 30th + two weeks for the results.)


Follow Sarah here on Facebook.
Follow Sarah here on Deviantart.
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And follow Sarah here on Instagram.


Nederlands: Groot nieuws! Sarah van MoonArtDreams en ik, doen mee aan een wedstrijd op DeviantArt! Het betreft een wedstrijd voor kunstenaars en schrijvers, die samen moeten werken aan een onderwerp. Het onderwerp van deze wedstrijd is: 'Journey' (reis) en wij hebben gekozen voor de titel: 'Journey Of Reflection (reis van weerspiegeling) met als hoofdonderwerp: "If every word you ever spoke, would appear on your body, would you still feel beautiful?" (Als elk woord dat je ooit gesproken hebt, op je lichaam zou verschijnen, zou je je dan nog steeds mooi voelen?) We hebben samen iets mooie gecreëerd, iets wat hopelijk aan het denken zet. Iets wat beweegt. Of we nou winnen of niet, Ik ben er in ieder geval heel blij mee. ♥ (Wedstrijd loopt tot 30 juni + twee weken voor de uitslag.)


Volg Sarah hier op Facebook.
Volg Sarah hier op Deviantart.
Volg Sarah hier op Etsy.
En Volg Sarah hier op Instagram.

Journey of reflection 

- If every word you spoke, 
appeared on your body. 
Would you still feel beautiful? -
Would it phrase your lovely words, 
and shine brightly through your skin. 
Or will it be a heart-breaking canvas, 
of your hatred deep within? 
Would it proudly prance around your body, 
showing all the love you felt. 
Or would it be a clear reflection, 
of all the grudge you ever held? 
Would you be happy with your skin? 
With all the words written across? 
Or will it expose your biggest secrets, 
of all the self-control you've lost. 
Would it be covered in sentences you like, 
as the nice person you might be? 
Or would you be worried about the parts, 
you can't actually see? 
I think people would be nicer, 
cause nobody wants to show the ugly truth. 
Some of them would even stop talking, 
and spent their days while being mute. 
Even the world would be so much better, 
people would love each other more. 
Afraid of the social abandonment, 
when your skin’s not to adore. 
It would be something like real life Facebook, 
talk as you think, they want you to do. 
Creating this perfect flawless skin, 
but would it still be you? 
So, ask yourself the question, 
when you stop and think this through: 
‘Would you be happy if spoken words start appearing, 
slowly on your body too?’ 
Journey of reflection, 
are you happy with who you might be? 
Cause you should be proud of overthinking, 
cause self-acceptance is the key. 
- If every word you spoke, 
appeared on your body. 
Would you still feel beautiful? - 
Cause it will be the most pure, 
unforgiving true reflection of your soul.
- Djanel Arends



 English: Yeah! I had an amazing new collaboration with Therese Hellwert from Sweden! I wrote an new english poem called Flaming desire, and Therese made this fantastic art with it! Therese, thank you so much for your fantastic poem translation, your look on it and the way you made it into an amazing piece of art. I love it. You are a true artist! Artistic Collaboration succeeded!
Click here for Therese's Deviantart.

Nederlands: Jaaaa! Ik ben een geweldige nieuwe samenwerking aangegaan met Therese Hellwert uit Sweden! Ik heb een nieuw gedicht geschreven genaamd: Flaming desire, en Therese heeft dit geweldige kunst stuk daarbij gemaakt. Therese, dank je wel voor je geweldige vertaling van mijn gedicht, jouw kijk op mijn gedicht en de manier waarop je het tot kunst hebt verheven. Ik vind het prachtig. Je bent een echte artieste. Artistieke samenwerking voldaan al zeg ik het zelf! 

klik hier voor Therese's Deviantart.
Flaming desire
Created by mankind,
a raging, tempting fire.
A flaming female creature,
made by man’s desire.
She was designed for their needs,
to give them some light.
To stare into at hard times,
or keep them warm at night.
But she kept crying silently,
they didn’t know what it was about.
They couldn’t keep her anymore,
and they tried to put her out.
Her eyes filled with rage,
they tried to set her free.
But she was a destruction,
a heavy burning banshee.
The fiery flames,
fire burning through her veins.
In her eyes, it isn’t hate you see,
but uncontrollably pain.
she felt so betrayed,
after everything she’d grant.
Even when she was in constant pain,
their wishes where her command.
She destroyed the whole forest,
with vengeance in her soul.
They fled away, they were afraid,
of this fire out of control.
Into a campfire she calmed herself,
in the forest, far away.
She’s spend her days crying,
over all the ashes she made.
But one day they missed her,
they needed back her flame.
Their passions and desires were bigger,
than their fear of what she became.
So they searched the forest,
and her warmth lead them through.
But the memories they brought back to her,
made her fire grew.
She burned the man, and burned their world,
and tied down to one zone.
Never again she let man close to her,
so she could handle this burden alone.
Her flaming body,
her eyes filled with fire.
Her fiery hair, her enlightened features,
made by man’s hunger for desire.
They created this flaming banshee,
and their world is now forever dark.
You’ll see, man shouldn’t play with fire,
when they’re only looking for a spark.
- Djanel Arends

English: Woohoo!  I had another collaboration with Sarah from Moonartdreams! We were both so happy about our latest collaboration, we decided to do another one, and this time the other way around! I made a poem and Sarah made an AMAZING matching, traditional piece of art. I am SO happy! It fits my poem perfectly and it translates the feeling I had writing it, also perfectly. She told me how she saw my poem and what inspired her to make this incredible piece of art, and to be honest, it's the most amazing way to look at it ; 

"I tried to incooperate as many things from your poem as possible, let me just explain my thoughts that I had throughout working on this piece:

"Why I still have space for one?" is the main topic of these piece. The girl is the "Galaxykeeper" kinda and the caretaker of the universe. It's her job to watch out for everything. Though she kinda dreams about finding true love somewhere in the infinity of the universe and actually spots a human on the earth that she falls in love with. The verse "How can I be afraid of your presence, and how big your wonders are" refers to the fact that she is no real human and that the guy she fell in love with is actually able to notice and see her what has never happened to her before.
the "planet thoughts" are directly included in the piece, the planets floating around just feature her big fears and worries about what is happening and whether she is doing the right thing.
"I can use someone to guide me" again shows that she is completely in love and trusts the guy from the earth. She lets him guide her.
The verse "but on earth my feet should stay" features the impossibility for her to actually really "love" and be in a relationship with the guy because this is what it should normally be like.
The whole last verse
"So if you hold my hand real tight,
and keep me down below.
We're allowed to float sometimes,
in a galaxy only we know."
is the promise of her to him that though they're so different and far apart she will bury her worries and try to live their love and give everything a chance." 

Sarah, i love your talent and the way you made my poem speak. You drew it a story and I'm completely obsessed and in love with this piece. Thank you so much for this awesome collaboration. <3
Click here for her Deviantart and here for her Facebook page.

Nederlands: Woehoe! Ik ben weer in samenwerking gegaan met Sarah van Moonartdreams! We waren zo tevreden over de vorige samenwerking samen dat we besloten hebben om het deze keer andersom te doen. Ik heb een gedicht geschreven en Sarah heeft daarbij een GEWELDIG bijpassend traditioneel kunststuk gemaakt. Hieronder het resultaat. Ik ben er zó blij mee! Het past precies bij mijn gedicht en vertaald uitstekend de gevoelens die ik had toen ik het maakte. Ze vertelde me hoe ze tegen mijn gedicht aankeek, hoe ze het las en wat haar inspireerde om deze tekening te maken zoals hij nu is:

"Ik heb geprobeerd zoveel mogelijk dingen op te nemen uit je gedicht als mogelijk was. Laat me mijn gedachtes die ik had toen ik aan dit stuk werkte, uitleggen.

“Why I still have space for one?” is het grote onderwerp uit dit stuk. Het meisje is de “Melkweg bewaarder” en de huisbewaarder van het universum. Het is haar taak om over alles te waken. Hoewel ze toch droomt over het vinden van ware liefde, ergens in de oneindigheid van het universum. Als ze daadwerkelijk een mens op aarde spot en verliefd wordt. Het stukje vers: “How can I be afraid of your presence, and how big your wonders are” verwijst naar het feit dat ze geen echt mens is en dat de jongen waar ze verliefd op is haar daadwerkelijk opmerkt en haar kan zien en dat is haar nooit eerder gebeurd. De ‘planet thoughts’ heb ik direct opgenomen in dit stuk, de planeten die rondzweven kenmerken haar grote angsten en zorgen, over wat er te gebeuren staat en of ze het goede doet. “I can use someone to guide me” laat weeral zien dat ze compleet verliefd is en dat ze de jongen van de aarde vertrouwt. Ze laat hem, haar leiden. Het stuk vers: “But on earth my feet should stay” kenmerkt het feit dat het eigenlijk uitgesloten is voor haar om echt van iemand te houden en een relatie te hebben met de jongen, omdat dat is wat het normaal zou moeten zijn. De hele laatste vers
"So if you hold my hand real tight,
and keep me down below.
We're allowed to float sometimes,
in a galaxy only we know."
Is een belofte van haar naar hem, dat ondanks ze zo verschillend zijn en ver uit elkaar, ze haar zorgen achterwege laat en probeert hun liefde te leven en het allemaal een kans te geven."

Sarah, Ik hou van je talenten en de manier waarop je mijn gedicht hebt laten spreken. Jij tekende er een verhaal bij en ik ben helemaal geobsedeerd en verliefd op het kunststuk. Ik dank je met mijn hele hart voor deze geweldige samenwerking.
Klik hier voor haar Deviantart en klik hier voor haar Facebook pagina. 

Galaxies of dreams

If my dreams are wide open galaxies,
and my hopes high as the sun.
And my vision is big like jupiter,
why do i still have space for one?

If the moon is my desire,
and my love, bright as a star.
How can I be afraid of your presence,
and how big your wonders are.

If i'm floating through my galaxy,
with all those planet thoughts.
I can use someone to guide me,
measure stars like an astronaut.

Holding me together,
with a soul sparkling as the milky way.
My mind may wander off sometimes,
but on earth my feet should stay.

So if you hold my hand real tight,
and keep me down below.
We're allowed to float sometimes,
in a galaxy only we know.

- Djanel ArendsPhoetrylogo-25.gif



English: So i had this amazing new collaboration with Sarah from MoonArtDreams! (Seriously, check her out!) She is an amazing artist and het work inspired me so much i had to hit her up with the question of a collaboration. Luckily she was as exited as i am to work together and create something amazing. She told me this strong, personal story about a moment in her life, and the way she was conquering it by making a incredible piece of art. She asked me to tell her story by a poem and translate her feelings. So i did. I'm very happy with this collaboration and what it brought me. Sarah, you are amazing, kind and a great artist. Thank you so much for everything and I'm looking forward to our next collaboration!
Click here for her Deviantart and here for her Facebook page.
Nederlands: Dus, ik had een geweldige samenwerkig met Sarah van MoonArtDreams! (Echt, bezoek haar pagina eens!) Ze is een geweldig artiest en haar kunst inspireerde me zo erg dat ik haar een bericht heb gestuurd met de vraag om samen te werken. Gelukkig was ze net zo enthousiast als ik om samen te werken en iets geweldigs te creëren! Ze vertelde me een sterk, persoonlijk verhaal over een moment uit haar leven en hoe ze het te lijf ging door prachtige kunst te creëren. Ze vroeg me of ik haar verhaal kon vertellen, haar gevoelens kon vertalen door middel van dichten en dat heb ik gedaan. Ik ben heel enthousiast over deze samenwerking en wat het mij gebracht heeft. Sarah, je bent een geweldige, lieve artiest. Bedankt voor alles en ik kijk uit naar onze volgende samenwerking!
Klik hier voor haar Deviantart en klik hier voor haar Facebook pagina. 
Ocean whispers.
It had something mesmerizing,
the big enchanted sea.
I could hear its whispers,
when it was calling for me.
I'm a down to earth being,
my feet burried in sand.
My wings took me into the breeze,
and flew me over land.
Into the headwinds,
my wings carried me.
But I kept hearing whispers,
from that mystical sea.
I couldn’t stop the urge,
and stepped into the blue.
It dragged me down below,
there was nothing I could do.
Swimming was too difficult,
my wings were made for flying.
I'd closed my eyes, it was too much,
It felt like I was dying.
It chained my feet, it dragged me down,
the moment I blacked out.
Air escaped, it filled my lungs,
there was no way out.
I used to fly as a bird,
in the sky I should be.
But I was drowning instead,
in this breath taking sea.
So I’d closed my eyes, and made a decision:
‘Will I drown, or will I fly?’
I was distracted by ocean’s whispers,
but my heart belongs to the sky.
Should I trust the whispers,
try to swim and most likely die?
Or will I face my fears, break the chains,
and once again learn how to fly.
Djanel Arends

English: So, Femke from La Fem Art & Design made me a beautiful piece of art to thank me for supporting her through the years. She is one of my favourite artist of all time. I thought it would be nice to do some kind of artist collaboration with her, so i wrote her art a poem. This is the amazing result of two artists working together. 
More art of Femke? Click here for her Facebookpage and here for her Deviantart.

Nederlands: Dus, Femke van La Fem Art & Design heeft een prachtig kunststuk voor me gemaakt om me te bedanken dat ik haar door de jaren heen heb gesteund. Ze is één van mijn favoriete artiesten. Ik dacht dat het leuk zou zijn om een soort artiesten samenwerking met haar aan te gaan, en haar kunst een gedicht te schrijven. Dit is het geweldige resultaat van twee artiesten die samenwerken. 
Meer zien van Femke? Klik dan hier voor haar Facebookpage en hier voor haar Deviantart.

Forest of secrets
Mysterious creature,
woman of the night.
Her mesmerizing features,
exposed by little lights.
Secret of the forest,
her eyes so bright and clear.
When she sings, the world stops moving,
like we ain't even here.
When she walks, the earth is trembling,
all the flowers start to bloom.
All the fireflies serenade her,
lighting up the Afternoon.
She can't be tamed, she can’t be captured,
to all life, she is the sky.
Her soul is the heart of the forest,
and when she's leaving it would die.
I scared her once, she disappeared,
it took years for her to come back.
Now I'm watching her, care for her,
with all the silence I possess.
And at night, when the moon shines on her body,
and she is resting on a tree.
I would swear her eyes are sparkling,
when she's smiling back at me.
The way she's moving,
looks almost like art.
She is a banshee, mother nature,
who costs me my heart.
- Djanel Arends