Faith and laughter

Deep eyes, strong look,
that’s how she’s facing the world.
Secret smile, flowery dresses,
and her hair is curled.

Black and white, let me expose your features,
your thoughts and maybe a scar.
No colors can distract the outside world,
of how beautiful you are.

Your faith is your support,
you pray and sing all day.
Your eyes may look sad sometimes,
but you smile your fears away.

Amazingly young woman,
who is strong and who is brave.
Your strength, faith and laughter,
are the things what keeps you safe.

Your pure soul is shining through your eyes,
it will stun them once they look.
You will write your own heroic story,
what can’t be captured inside a book.

You are a woman of the world,
no one can bring you down.
You are a hero, a true queen,
and your heart, that is your crown.

Djanel Arends