Little bird


Little bird,
lost and sad.
Dry your tears and,
don't feel bad.
Go back home,
spread your wings.
And be the bird,
who always sings.

- Djanel Arends


Mirror mirror on the wall,
show me what I'm worth.
Feels like I don't fit in,
like I'm a stranger, lost on earth.

Mirror mirror on the wall,
I try my best to follow.
I have two eyes like everyone,
but mine are empty and holllow.

Mirror mirror on the wall,
please explain me this:
I have two lips like everyone,
but mine's never been kissed.

Mirror mirror on the wall,
tell me what I see,
I feel like a prisoner,
like my reflection, she's not free.

That jealous girl is trapped inside,
at first she seemed so kind.
But she started messing with my sight,
cause she can't have my mind.

So mirror mirror, on the wall,
I know what I need to do.
I'm not so diffrent as you show me,
It's like I always knew.

Let's break this mirror into pieces,
my mind still clear and bright.
As long as I dont see my reflection,
I will be allright.
- Djanel Arends

Lost in flames 

In the fiery red meadow,
where my body parts remain.
Where my sadness still lingers,
and my soul went lost in flames.

In the moments of that meadow,
where my past and future lays.
It captured all my memories,
and hid it in a thick black haze.

The ashes of my inner love,
the dew of all my tears.
My once so sparkling soul,
has lost it from my fears.

This field with its sunrays,
the earth, and life's breath.
Its mesmerizing temptations,
has caused me my death.

And when the moon is at its highest,
and it burns, the fire reigns.
You will find me in this meadow,
dancing silently with flames.

It took my body,
and made me a shadow.
My soul went to flames,
in this fiery red meadow.

- Djanel Arends