Loving Sunday's


Let's stay in bed,
and watch Netflix all day.
Order some pizzas,
watch the hours slip away.
This could last forever,
on these dirty sheets we lay.
Please keep me company,
I need you to stay.
- Djanel Arends

Blue moon

He looked at her and he knew,
This is the beginning of the end.

The tears ran slowly down her face,
Carefully he held her hand.
Her body tired, the wrinkles deep.
The mind still what it used to be.
It hurts more than he imagined
When he needs to set her free.
This coma she can't overcome
He will meet her again soon
He kissed her lips for the last time
His shining, strong blue moon.
- Djanel Arends

Sexy mood


I want lip biting, neck kissing
Make it dirty, make it good
Back scratching, tongue teasing
Bring me to that sexy mood
Let me scream, let me gasp
Everything that I desire,
I want you to take me there
Even go a little higher.
Drip some chocolat, feed me cherries
Show me who the fuck I married
- Djanel Arends


The walk

Under the sun, through the storm,
we walk and walk and walk.
Let our minds speak, our hearts rage,
make some time to talk.

A steady pace, an endless path,
arm in arm we go.
Sometimes silence is enough,
because we already know.

Four footprints in the sand,
they represent our past.
We may walked further, out of sight.
But our prints will certainly last.

Our life together is almost as this walk,
sometimes heavy, sometimes light as a feather.
But we can face it, step by step,
as long as we face it together.

- Djanel Arends