For you, I'm nothing,
just a shadow in your mind.
You forgot about me and us,
left everything behind.

I'm not sure what you're doing,
but I guess you're lost too.
Cause it can't be all over,
after all we've been through.

You can´t leave me,
but love me either way.
It's like this bad love song,
that's stuck on replay.

I will always love you,
I'm like a chest.
You control the key,
It's like I'm obsessed.

I may be a shadow,
maybe someday your light.
I may be a shadow,
who makes this alright.
I may be a shadow,
who cant be your part.
I may be a shadow,
But I do have a heart.


- Djanel Arends




Other girl

I never thought I'd find someone,
the one who makes me fly.
But I was blind, the love you gave,
was one big stupid lie.

Every night, you were my dream,
my hope, my fantasy.
But then there was this other girl,
the one who is not me.

- Djanel Arends