English: So i had this amazing new collaboration with Sarah from MoonArtDreams! (Seriously, check her out!) She is an amazing artist and het work inspired me so much i had to hit her up with the question of a collaboration. Luckily she was as exited as i am to work together and create something amazing. She told me this strong, personal story about a moment in her life, and the way she was conquering it by making a incredible piece of art. She asked me to tell her story by a poem and translate her feelings. So i did. I'm very happy with this collaboration and what it brought me. Sarah, you are amazing, kind and a great artist. Thank you so much for everything and I'm looking forward to our next collaboration!
Click here for her Deviantart and here for her Facebook page.
Nederlands: Dus, ik had een geweldige samenwerkig met Sarah van MoonArtDreams! (Echt, bezoek haar pagina eens!) Ze is een geweldig artiest en haar kunst inspireerde me zo erg dat ik haar een bericht heb gestuurd met de vraag om samen te werken. Gelukkig was ze net zo enthousiast als ik om samen te werken en iets geweldigs te creëren! Ze vertelde me een sterk, persoonlijk verhaal over een moment uit haar leven en hoe ze het te lijf ging door prachtige kunst te creëren. Ze vroeg me of ik haar verhaal kon vertellen, haar gevoelens kon vertalen door middel van dichten en dat heb ik gedaan. Ik ben heel enthousiast over deze samenwerking en wat het mij gebracht heeft. Sarah, je bent een geweldige, lieve artiest. Bedankt voor alles en ik kijk uit naar onze volgende samenwerking!
Klik hier voor haar Deviantart en klik hier voor haar Facebook pagina. 
Ocean whispers.
It had something mesmerizing,
the big enchanted sea.
I could hear its whispers,
when it was calling for me.
I'm a down to earth being,
my feet burried in sand.
My wings took me into the breeze,
and flew me over land.
Into the headwinds,
my wings carried me.
But I kept hearing whispers,
from that mystical sea.
I couldn’t stop the urge,
and stepped into the blue.
It dragged me down below,
there was nothing I could do.
Swimming was too difficult,
my wings were made for flying.
I'd closed my eyes, it was too much,
It felt like I was dying.
It chained my feet, it dragged me down,
the moment I blacked out.
Air escaped, it filled my lungs,
there was no way out.
I used to fly as a bird,
in the sky I should be.
But I was drowning instead,
in this breath taking sea.
So I’d closed my eyes, and made a decision:
‘Will I drown, or will I fly?’
I was distracted by ocean’s whispers,
but my heart belongs to the sky.
Should I trust the whispers,
try to swim and most likely die?
Or will I face my fears, break the chains,
and once again learn how to fly.
Dianel Arends

English: So, Femke from La Fem Art & Design made me a beautiful piece of art to thank me for supporting her through the years. She is one of my favourite artist of all time. I thought it would be nice to do some kind of artist collaboration with her, so i wrote her art a poem. This is the amazing result of two artists working together. 
More art of Femke? Click here for her Facebookpage and here for her Deviantart.

Nederlands: Dus, Femke van La Fem Art & Design heeft een prachtig kunststuk voor me gemaakt om me te bedanken dat ik haar door de jaren heen heb gesteund. Ze is één van mijn favoriete artiesten. Ik dacht dat het leuk zou zijn om een soort artiesten samenwerking met haar aan te gaan, en haar kunst een gedicht te schrijven. Dit is het geweldige resultaat van twee artiesten die samenwerken. 
Meer zien van Femke? Klik dan hier voor haar Facebookpage en hier voor haar Deviantart.

Forest of secrets
Mysterious creature,
woman of the night.
Her mesmerizing features,
exposed by little lights.
Secret of the forest,
her eyes so bright and clear.
When she sings, the world stops moving,
like we ain't even here.
When she walks, the earth is trembling,
all the flowers start to bloom.
All the fireflies serenade her,
lighting up the Afternoon.
She can't be tamed, she can’t be captured,
to all life, she is the sky.
Her soul is the heart of the forest,
and when she's leaving it would die.
I scared her once, she disappeared,
it took years for her to come back.
Now I'm watching her, care for her,
with all the silence I possess.
And at night, when the moon shines on her body,
and she is resting on a tree.
I would swear her eyes are sparkling,
when she's smiling back at me.
The way she's moving,
looks almost like art.
She is a banshee, mother nature,
who costs me my heart.
- Dianel Arends